Zidane to Quit Ahead of First League Match?

Zidane to Quit Ahead of First League Match?

British news outlet The Independent claims Zizou is ready to quit again, twice in the span of 12 months.

According to this report Zidane had requested 3 key players to turn the team around: Eden Hazard, Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba. Perez has only delivered Hazard.

To make matters worse Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez were deemed by the coach as excess to requirements. As today we are about to play the first league match he is still stuck with them and no extra money has been made available for Pogba. Zidane did say something positive about James yesterday signaling that the relationship may be improving or he may just have been diplomatic, having resigned to keep James on the squad.

With an injured Hazard, the only galactico brought in to the team is unavailable to start the season, leaving Zidane with the same core players that made an absolute mess of last season.

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