Zidane doesn’t want Vinicius?

Zidane doesn’t want Vinicius?

One of the only shining lights from last year’s debacle was our young Brazilian playmaker, Vinicius. What he stills lacks in finishing he more than made up for in creating scoring opportunities for the rest of the team. Before getting sidelined with injury he was creative and fearless.

Now rumors have surfaced that Zidane is not a fan of our young starlet and wants to put him on the backburner and that the president, Florentino Perez, is looking to force the issue to keep ‘Vini’ on front and center stage. As we all know, Perez has a history of imposing players onto the manager, as was the case with David Beckham, Michael Owen and many others.

Now that Real has Hazard and Jovic, they can form an attacking trio alongside Benzema and Vinicius would be relegated to a backup role.

Vinicius is an amazing talent and was the only player that brought life to the team last year. Unless warranted by a lack of form, for Zidane to drop him from a mostly starting role would be a huge mistake.

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