What to do with Gareth Bale

What to do with Gareth Bale

As we all know, Gareth Bale doesn’t manage to recover anything close to his best form. So much is expected of him because he’s capable of so much and of course there was the heavy price tag to bring him to Madrid.

Football fans have short memories. What happened 2 months ago is ancient history. All that matters is the present. If at present you’re not doing well as a player or as a team this means you’re total crap. You should be sold, fired or lynched.

The forums are filled with complaints about Gareth Bale. According to 90% of blog participants Bale should be sent along his way with a ribbon wrapped around him to any club that will pay a sizeable fee. If unsettled fans had their way no one would stay at the club more than 3 months.

Bale scored the winning goal to bring the Copa del Rey trophy last year. Bale scored the winning goal (the goal to go up 2-1) in the Champions League Final. This alone is worth what we paid for him. I’m sorry but Real Madrid has been relatively unsuccessful the past 10 years and those 2 trophies brought badly needed prestige back to the team.

I am not happy with Bale’s performance. Is he giving his all? I don’t know. It seems he could do more work in defense. Nevertheless, I would not sell him for any price. He’s incredibly quick, strong and talented and sooner or later he’ll recover his form. What does need to happen is him spending some time on the bench until his form improves. I believe it’s good to show faith in players and keep playing them for a few matches, even if they’re not at their best. But, in this case, Ancelotti is going too far, playing Bale unconditionally, which is causing unrest among the fans.

Ancelotti said in today’s press conference that there’s no need to talk to Bale, that “Bale will play well when the team plays well”. There may be no need to talk to him but there is a need to put him on the bench for a spell.

Without Bale playing well it’s hard for me to see us winning the Champions League. That’s how important he is to the club now.

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