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Thank You, Florentino

When Florentino sold Cristiano he said he wouldn’t buy any top players. He said the market was too expensive and the plan was to invest in young blood.

When the January transfer window came around Real Madrid was in desperate need of a goal scorer. The team was just not scoring goals. Nobody could put the ball in the back of the net. When asked if Real Madrid was going to buy a striker Florentino answered something like, “Why, when we have the best in the world in Benzema.”

No, Florentino, Benzema is not the best, he is far from the best and he’s a good team player but he’s not a goal scorer. The “presi” thought he could get away with going another season without buying a top player. Even after all the problems the team had in the fall he still insisted he would not buy any players.

And he we are: Still scoring virtually no goals and out of all competitions.

He can blame Lopetegui. He can blame Solari. Bottom line is that this all Florentino’s fault. He sold the player who scored all the goals and refused to buy anyone to replace him. He went from buying too many galacticos, uneeded galacticos, to not buying any, all so he could redesign the stupid stadium.

Real Madrid has raked in a lot of money selling players ever since unloading Özil, Di María etc. all the way up to Cristiano. Every year the team was getting worse, but seasons were saved by Ronaldo’s goals. Now Ronaldo is gone and Real Madrid is a mess. Up until just a couple weeks ago it seemed everything was changing for the better, but it’s all come crashing down in one and half week of losses. The reason for the losses: 1 goal in 3 matches, that’s the story of this season. It’s this team without Ronaldo.

So thank you Florentino. Thank you for ignoring the needs of the team to build your prized stadium, and in the process ruining the prestige this team had recovered in recent years, as well as setting us up for 3 months of nothing to play for.

Congratulations to Ajax.

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