Real Madrid to Trade Bale and Cash for Pogba

Real Madrid to Trade Bale and Cash for Pogba

Keen on seeing out his contract, Bale refuses to budge. He rakes in a 15 million euro salary, has won 4 Champions Leagues and plays for the best football club in history. Who can blame him for his stubbornness?

Manchester United has been interested in acquiring the Welsh striker for a while and now seems like the perfect opportunity for both clubs. Zidane clearly wants to sign his French compatriot, Paul Pogba, and if he can unload Bale in the process it would kill two birds with one stone. Pogba has, in fact, been on Zidane’s list as one of the 3 most important signings for the summer.

With Modric’s powers waning with age, Zidane considers Pogba the ideal substitute as a versatile player in the midfield with both attacking and defending ability. After a dip in form upon initially arriving to Old Trafford, Pogba has recovered his confidence and form under the current manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

While United has refused to listen to offers for the French midfielder it seems to be only a question of time before he parts ways for the Bernabeu as he has made public comments about it being time for “new challenges” in his career.

Real Madrid has already spent nearly €400 million this summer as Florentino Perez seems to have raided the new stadium fund. With Manchester United valuing Pogba at €150 million (reduced from the initial €180 million) it would take Madrid over half a billion in player investments.

Rumor has it there is an offer on the table right now for Bale plus €80 million to bring Pogba to the Bernabeu. It’s only a question of time.

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