Real Madrid Players who could Surprise you this Season

Real Madrid Players who could Surprise you this Season

If you have been thinking that Real Madrid is falling short of players and there’s no depth within the team. Well the Real Madrid squad is packed with quality players. These players are ready for a new season to hit the ground up and running. According to a recent blog by usrealmoneycasinos, Zinedine has many options and that can lead to a selection dilemma for him. But even though that might be the case, let’s look at some of the Real Madrid players that could surprise you this season. And if you are into sports betting for real money you need to place your bets on the following Los Blanco’s players.


Isco is amongst the Real Madrid players who have been having a bad spell at the club last season. The Spaniard only managed to start 15 times in the previous La Liga season. The previous season wasn’t his best only finding the back of the net 2 times. His level of inconsistency led him to fall the pecking orders at the Santiago Bernabéu. At the age of 28, the upcoming season is going to be the crucial one for him. And he will be striving to make sure to produce some quality performance and secure his position in the first team.

Eden Hazard

It's an actual fact that less has been said about Eden Hazard’s performance ever since making a move to Real Madrid. His first season at Los Blanco’s has been a miserable one, and pressure has been mounting due to his hefty price tag in transfers. We also wonder if there will be any online slots based on him now. Nevertheless, knowing the kind of player Eden really is on a good day, surely most fans and pundits are looking forward to a different kind of player. After, he is a player who used to tear apart the teams in the Premier League the best and the toughest league in the world. Therefore, it is clear that he will give out his best. He is actually the man most people will be looking forward to this coming season.
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