No Vini, No Party

No Vini, No Party

Is it me or was this team better under Solari than currently with Zidane? Recent results have been something like this: tie, loss, tie, win, tie, loss, etc. and you get the idea. Yes, things went sour under Solari for one terrible week as Real Madrid dropped out of all competitions but up until that poor and somewhat unlucky week the team had shown many signs of improvement.

With the exception of some improved finishing by Karim Benzema, goals and scoring opportunities have come few and far between since Zidane has arrived. The improved playmaking, the new spark in the team has faded once again and the reason is obvious: Vinicius is not on the pitch.

Vinicius has been healthy and ready to play now for nearly 2 weeks yet he hasn’t even made the bench. Sources say Zidane doesn’t want to rush things but could he be making the same mistake as Lopetegui? Will Zidane make the horrendous blunder to play 11 underperforming, overpaid and un-hungry sacred cows and not let our young electric playmaker back into the team?

Vinicius was virtually the only light that shone on this team this season. He didn’t finish off many goals but he created a good majority of them. He ran at the defense, sometimes losing the ball but often creating scoring opportunities. Without him this team is just dry. It lacks energy, ambition and creativity. It reminds me of the end of the Galacticos era.

As the season slowly comes to its agonizing conclusion give us something to cheer about. Bring back Vinicius!

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