James Future Still Undecided

James Future Still Undecided

With reports that Napoli is insisting on a loan deal and Real Madrid wants to sell for 42 million, the move to Italy is currently in a stalemate.

The stepfather of the Colombian international James Rodriguez, Juan Carlos Restrepo, spoke on the Spanish program, El Larguero, about his stepson’s future.

Restrepo mentioned he had spoken to James just recently and that he was “calm”. He went on to say, “You have to be when and where they want you to be and fortunately there are important clubs interested in James. It’s positive that top managers who have won it all, not just in Spain and Italy, but international competitions, have noticed James for his talent and abilities.”

“I couldn’t tell you if James is closer to playing for Naples or Atletico de Madrid but he already knows Madrid and has a home there. Does he want his children to study there? Probably, but I couldn’t say for sure.”

“I’m not sure what his preference is but if I were him I would go where they want me. If Ancelotti or ‘Cholo’ Simeone want to sign him he would be happy to play for either.”

If Naples ended up paying 42 million for James it would be the second most expensive transfer in their history.

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