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Can Vinicius Make Us Forget About Ronaldo?

Use this Netbet promo code to back your pick for the top scorer for Real Madrid this season. With the departure of Cristiano and a lack of any true superstars on the team (Maybe Bale is the exception) some of us may be missing the excitement of the galactico years. While the model of bringing a new superstar every year eventually failed it was exciting while it lasted. The arrival of players like Figo, Zidane and Beckham made us fans excited about the upcoming season. In today’s market there are very few considered galacticos and the ones there are are simply not accessible. There is the arrival of one player that may bring that excitement back. His name is Vinicius. He is quick, skilful, smart, able to go past players and has an eye for goal. According to Marca, Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester United, Juventus, PSG, Liverpool and Chelsea were all interested in Vinicius and were willing to pay his initial release clause. From his performance against Manchester United last night he looks promising. He showed that he’s technically gifted although maybe a little too eager or maybe nervous to impress. At one point in the match he went past a defender with several step-overs, something that reminded me of another player from years back. I don’t think it’s fair to compare players but I remember the arrival of Robinho. He came off the bench in his first match against Cadiz. At this point the aforementioned galacticos appeared to be a shadow of their former selves. When Robinho stepped on the pitch he made everyone else look like they were playing in slow motion. My rather poor memory can still recall when Robinho did a ‘sombrero’ putting the ball over the defender’s head and running right past him and doing lots of other amazing things in this debut. I thought that on that night a star was born. In subsequent matches Robinho continued to show signs of quality and was fun to watch but after starting out with a bang he seemed to fade. Not long after he was transferred out and Cristiano was brought in and as we have seen over the years he was the real deal. Seeing Vinicius debut last night reminded me of Robinho. Unlike Robinho, I’m confident that Vinicius will continue to impress. Cristiano is no longer around to hog all the attention and space has been made for new young superstars. Unlike fellow Brazilians like Neymar and Robinho, Vinicius is considered to have a good head on his shoulders. He is down to earth and doesn’t go crazy with all the attention. He has arrived at the right time. If he puts his head down and works hard he could cement a starting role at the Bernabeu and, who knows, maybe he can be the next idol at the Bernabeu.
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