Bale is ready to rock, will he deliver?

Bale is ready to rock, will he deliver?

Gareth Bale has reached his objective of being ready for tomorrow’s Champions League semifinal. Against Sevilla he came on in the second half and contributed an assist to the third goal by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gareth Bale is like night and day. He is capable of the best and capable of the worst. But once he gets some momentum going expect nothing short of brilliance. All he is lacking right now is confidence. A little more integration wouldn’t hurt either, like learning to speak Spanish.

He’s already earned his transfer fee with goals in both of last year’s finals to bring the 2 trophies home. Yet, he’s capable of much more. Is he the next Cristiano Ronaldo? No. But he is a franchise player and I personally would like to see him stay for many years and go on to be a Real Madrid legend. Where are the successors to Figo, Zidane, Roberto Carlos and Raul? People enjoy criticizing Bale at present but his time in Madrid will come, and when it does, watch out.

We’re definitely going to need Bale at his best. For us to make it past Juventus we need to recover the form that lead us to 22 straight victories. We’re not quite there yet. During this stretch of form the BBC was key. Unfortunately Kareem hasn’t recovered in time to take his place in the trio but Chicharito is a good replacement at present.

I’m expecting a nerve-wrecking battle from Juventus. They have tons of star talent that can mark the difference like Teves, Morata, Vidal and the veterans Pirlo and Buffon. Anyone who thinks this is an easy draw is sadly mistaken. Fortunately for us Pogba is out for the first leg. Let’s pray our team is at its best and we can score some precious away goals. We’re 2 matches from Berlin. Hala Madrid!

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