Awful match from an uninspired Real Madrid

Awful match from an uninspired Real Madrid

Real Madrid completed an extremely poor performance tonight in Turin. The defense was terrible and unorganized. Sergio Ramos in the midfield was a failure and Bale was again absent nearly the whole match. The normally steady Carvajal committed a penalty on Tevez, who had already lost his shooting angle, and that pretty much sums up the night.

The only bright spots were Cristiano’s goal and the play of the man who assisted him, James Rodriguez. Casillas also had a decent outing and made a couple of saves to keep Real in the tie.

Although they didn’t put in a greatly inspired performance, Juventus defended well and was far more dangerous than Real on the break. Alvaro Morata, as irony would have it, scored the first goal for Juve on a tap-in after a great save by Iker. He didn’t celebrate the goal, a classy move by our x canterano.

Ronaldo responded with a tap-in header on a great cross by James.

The next goal would come from a penalty on what has to be about the unluckiest play possible. Marcelo struck the ball aiming for the goal but it bounced off Kroos back the other way. The ball landed right into the hands of Juventus players and left Tevez all alone on the break with just Carvajal te defend. Again, our defense was terrible and out of sorts all night.

Real Madrid had the golden opportunity to tie when James headed the ball straight into the top post on a cross from Isco. From that point on, aside from a small breakaway and shot from Cristiano, Real didn’t put up much of a fight.

Juventus not only won the match but also won in intensity and heart. They want to reach the final. I’m not so sure about our guys. If we’re going to have any chance of making to the final a completely different team will have to come out of the locker room for the next match.

Tomorrow Waddah will post a full match analysis.

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