2 Minutes of Insanity

2 Minutes of Insanity

I don't like to read articles or jump on Internet forums after a tough defeat. Who needs to drag out the pain of the loss. Turn the TV off, silence the mobile phone and think about something else. That's my approach to disappointment.

Now a few days have passed and tonight we have another match against Deportivo. So we can look forward to winning our way to the Liga title instead of thinking back to those 2 minutes of insanity.

We score the tying goal while one man down. I turn to my buddy and say, a tie works, it will keep us potentially up 6 points. Let's be smart and defend this result. At that point in the match, with all that had happened, a tie was a great result and would probably keep up on track to the title. It was insanity to press high up on the field to try to steal the ball with 10 men and just minutes left in the match.

A win would have been amazing but the potential reward was not worth the risk. We didn't need to risk a loss to make a knockout blow. With a hand-full of matches left and potentially 6 points ahead we were good to go.

I love Zidane but I think he blew it big time. La Liga is a marathon, not a sprint. Now we're going to have to sweat it out the rest of the way and we lose the league if we tie on points.

Let's hope we don't end up regretting this one.

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